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About Time acts as a time server and a client for your system
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About Time acts as a time server and a client for your system. It acquires accurate time from the various time servers using the popular SNTP protocol. It automatically detects the timezone of your region by looking at your system time settings. It also works as a time server for the computers connected together in a network, when it is installed as a time server on computer network, it provides four types of time signals. About Time uses some advanced techniques to make sure there are much less network delays, making high accuracy possible even over a slow modem connection. It can achieve up to +/ - 50 milliseconds synchronization accuracies when it is installed on each computer on a network. It has a number of options for setting different access ports for various protocols such as SNTP, TCP etc. You can configure it to start automatically at startup or you can set different time intervals for it to work. The current version is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Windows with IE installed.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Free
  • Works both as a Time Client & a Time Server
  • Great Accuracy


  • Windows Vista support is limited
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